Is Age Really Just a Number?

Is it too soon for the R.Kelly references? Maybe.

Welp! It's almost that time of the year. My new moon, my next blessing: my birthday! I think that it is safe to admit that as the years have approached, I am not as excited as I might have been the year before. Or, years ago. Planning birthday dinners, parties, vacations! I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating "Me-Day!" 

Ball Pit @ The Dream Machine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York

Ball Pit @ The Dream Machine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York

However, as my 29th birthday draws nearer, minute by minute, I can't help but feel an aching in my soul that slightly frightens me. Dramatic, much?

So many things that cross my mind as I consider the fact that I have been living on this earth for nearly twenty-nine years. Like, what have I accomplished in the year 28? What was I most afraid of that I finally overcome? How will my year 29 differ from my previous years? Am I where society deems I should be at this age? Am I content where I am at accordingly to my own chart of acceptance!?

Then there is the thought that, well, age is just a number. Right? Have you ever met a person that seemed so beyond their years and you just wondered, how? Or, maybe you dated a person who only acted their shoe size and still, you wonder, how!?

Twenty-nine for me means a lot. It's the last year of my twenties. It's the year that I declare will equip me and the year to set me free from fear, worries and the tainted idea God is ever finished with my gifts.

What age have you felt most driven by? Maybe, you're not waiting around for a new year to hit before you're making a change. Maybe you have already started and you're making the change already. 

Every day is a gift and it's our responsibility to open it to receive the blessing.