Finding your true self

I remember when I was just a little girl and I would go to parks and see kids playing around. 

One day, I was with my mom at her job, during her lunch break. She took me to the park and I saw a girl that I admired because she was having so much fun. I wanted to play with her, but I was too nervous to ask her to be my friend. At that time, I couldn't like her photo or friend request her. I had to show her that I was a pretty darn cool little girl and she would be missing out if she didn't play with me.

But, I was still too shy and scared. So I had my mother ask her if she would play with me. Believe it or not, it wasn't until recently that I still felt shy to ask someone to be my friend. Why? Because I didn't find myself. I didn't know why someone should be my friend. Yes, I am a pretty decent catch, but what do I offer them ? What can I give to them that is beneficial? Whether it be a only season that I'm in their life or not. 

So I had to discover me. Find out what I liked and loved and what I didn't approve of or disliked about who I was. Not to change who I was for the pleasure of someone else, But to become that person that I would want to be around. 

It's so easy to lose yourself in today's society. It's easy to become someone you are not so that you can make others happy. I care about what others have to perceive because I could be of influence to anyone and not know it, but I learned to become more like myself to please myself.

Saphia Louise