July 14, 2014

I believe that there is someone out there who needs words from a complete stranger to truly understand things that have been confusing in their world. Lately, people have been writing to me on my Tumblr about certain situations going on in their life. The other day someone asked me about whether or not they're a Christian because they do believe in God, but they do not believe Christ to be the son of God, nor do they believe in the holy spirit or trinity. I was at a place in my life where I didn't really understand the whole trinity thing. I never knew what people meant when they said they had a relationship with God. And flat out, I never read anything in the bible so I didn't know what was even going on. I finally asked God for wisdom and understanding so that I may be able to have this relationship with Christ as I do now. So, this individual came to me, revealing who they are but I feel like if anyone were to ever come across this post, I do not want to expose this person to the world because he/she did not ask for that. I felt the need to have this posted in my Sanctuary as a reminder why I should never give up. Never give up on myself, on God or on Life.

Within 24 hours, so much can happen in a persons life. Within the past year, so much has changed for me. I truly found God and accepted Christ as my Lord and savior. I prayed so much more within this year than I have ever prayed in my entire life. I give glory to God every step of my way. I am a thankful person for being a child of God. For being a new, woman of God. I have gained new friends, and lost old friends. Along the way I have learned that God has my plan already written out. It is up to me to trust and believe in Him and know that God has my back ! I am so far from perfect. I have a lot more that God and I are going to talk about and work on. I will probably never be perfect, but I believe that as long as my mindset is to *aim for perfection*  than I will be closer to it everyday than I was the day before.... I give God glory for bringing me this far. I experienced a lot in all of my twenty five years of life. I lost family members at a young age, whether it was from death or from the government taking them away. I didn't grow up with my father around because he was influenced by the sinning of this world. I became a young woman by leading my heart into the hands of those who could not take care of it. I loved. I lusted. I trusted. I gave in. I lost myself in men. I lost myself in this world. I disobeyed my mother. I lost friendships because of boyfriends that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I experienced a violent relationship. The list can go on. I lived in a world of sinning and tried to keep myself positive by the help of just myself. God saw me doing this. He called and called and called out to me but I only listened with my ears (if that) and not with my heart. On this day, I am grateful for all the obstacles I encountered because who knows where I would be today, if not closer to God.

I am also grateful, so very grateful, for the man God has placed in my life at this moment. It's interesting how He works and how mysterious his ways are. I just talk to him and laugh like " Hey God, you're too slick. I see what you did there." This man that He placed in my life is a man of God and is bringing me closer to God every step of the way. I am super happy to be sharing our journeys to get closer to the mountain.

With all of that, I say, never give up. Saphia, on July 14, 2015, I hope that you read back on this and your life is a complete turn around, only for the better. I pray that you love God more and more each day and you remember and realize how AWESOME he is. He has been your boat through the storm. He has been your shield through the pain and he will never leave your nor forsake you. Do not ever give up. Keep going. Be the child God created you to be.

Saphia Louise