Inside - Poem by Saphia Louise

July 12, 2014

Call me pretty 
But I will find someone 
Who admires my soul 
Who loses control of their 
Exterior senses because 
Theyre blinded by my internal beauty Call me beautiful 
But I will meet someone 
Who speaks to me through his eyes
Admiring my own and 
Loving more and more of 
What he cant hold physically 
Call me sexy 
But I will love someone 
Who never takes his eyes off my heart
Who holds onto my very existence
As if itll bring him closer to eternity
Tell me that you admire my certain body parts
But there will be someone 
who tells me
That I am strong
And not because of how I look on the outside
But because of what he feels from within
Someone who will look at me
And see eternity
Tell me all the things that you
Love, like and admire
About my outer attire
But there will be someone
Who is blinded by my insides
And does not know 
what I look like.
Saphia Louise