Pure Love.

Sometimes Love Comes Around....

As I am sitting here at work,
watching as time goes by
I receive an email from this
amazing, terrific guy
He says, go to your mail room
something apparently awaits
Immediately I switched from confused
to the look of Love on my face

It has been a while since I received flowers,mind you, while at work! My Man decided to send me flowers just because. It's pretty amazing how he sets these things up and I don't catch on until it happens. Some time ago, I told him that I had never dissected anything at any of my schools. Weeks after telling him that, he pops up at my house with two frogs and we get to dissecting ! A few days ago, I recall him asking what type of flowers I liked. I'm not really up-to-par with the flower game and knowing what types of flowers, so I didn't really have a legit response. 

I was definitely astounded upon receiving them. The entire mail room was all nosy, it was cute while I'm like yup, yup I have someone who loves me so much

So I decided to find out what type of flowers were in the bunch, excluding the rose because I obviously know that one. I wanted to know the meaning of each of them, so I did my research.

Yellow Rose: Joy, Friendship

White Lililes: Symbolizes chastity and virtue. This is also a symbol of Virgin Mary's purity and her role as Queen of the Angels. I also found that if/when someone gives you a White Lily, it is their way of saying it's heavenly to be with you... (awwww. think I just found my new favorite flower)

Daisy- (Purple with yellow center) Represents innocence, Loyal love and purity

Sidenote: I adore the purity symbols within these flowers because at this moment, our relationship is based and grounded by many things, but remaining pure and true is definitely important to us.

Wild Violet: This particular flower was hard to find online. I was finding many flowers that looked similar to the one in my bouquet, but I am not positive that it's actually a wild flower. But, since I enjoyed the meaning behind it, I chose this: Violets represent modesty. Blue Violets say "I'll always be true", while White Violets say "Let's take a chance on happiness".

Overall, I am truly appreciative. It's the little things that make me happy. I always wonder, how can I express my love for and to him as much as he does to/for me. Love is not about competition. It's not to see who can prove to the other that they love more or the best. But, I will admit that when you are in love, you always want to go above and beyond to express your love. Whether it is a love letter, a back rub, a gift or just saying I love you more often than not, find a way to always express to the one that you love, that you really do love them.

This is going way off , but it came into my head. Love never fades. Real love never ever fades. Sometimes we confuse infatuation with Love, and obsess over what was. But real love never fades. I'm starting to understand and believe that if you were ever truly in love, you can not love another. I don't believe that I was ever in love before this. I say this to say, that if you ever love someone, do not let go and do not give up. When you know in your heart that it's real. If it's nothing drastic, and simple arguments, just remember that eventually you will have to go through those same, or similar arguments, with someone else, so work at what you currently have. I am glad that I know this, that way it will be applicable, knock on wood, if that moment were to ever come in my current relationship..

I told him I'm not letting go anyway *evil grin*


Saphia Louise