She's Not Happy. She Needs a Man


Let me just begin by saying, any human being does not need the presence of another person, does not need the attention from another person, and especially does not need affirmation from someone else in order for them to Be Happy.

An individual that I know personally, like really, personally, is going through a tough time in her life right now. The odds seem to always be against her. Nothing will ever work out, so why not quit. These are her thoughts. Why should I work harder when I am always getting the back end of the stick. This individual believes, without directly saying so, that the devil is greater and stronger than God. Now, don't misunderstand what I mean by that. Yes, she believes in God and believes that God is almighty and powerful, BUT..... Yes, there usually is a 'but' in every great thing... She allows the doings of the devil and the tests of faith that God sends her way, to be beaten down by what she believes to be this powerful devil.

I am not the best person to come to when it Bible talk is in session. Still, I am learning and continuously growing. The book of Job happens to be a story that I find great interest in, although I am still reading it. In the first few chapters of Job, his faith is being tested because Satan said to God, " You always put a wall of protection around him and his home and his property. You have made him prosper in everything he does. Look how rich he is! But reach out and take away everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face!" (Job 1:10-11) This happens to be the first test and Job succeeds. He does not give up on God, but he praises him. God allowed Satan to test Job. This is not a simple story that is placed in a book. This is something that happens to each and every one of us every day. God is allowing us to be tested because, if we lived this like as Job did where we get everything that we desire and ask for, when will we ever be able to genuinely thank God? As humans, we can be selfish, needy and greedy. We can become very unappreciative and the higher in status and rewards, for some people, the less we are grateful and thankful for what we have been blessed with thus far. So, yes, Satan does have power. The devil may be of an influence in your life, but GOD, oh man, GOD IS and will forever be SO much greater than a whimsy devil.

I am just a stronger believer in things happening for a reason and with the guidance of The Lord, as opposed to things happening by chance. We must really take this all in that God has our life planned out already. Thank you Lord for guiding me through this writing because I know that you led me here to do this. If we can just begin to recognize the many blessings we have, if we can just set ourselves on Gods lap and tell him what's wrong in our life and truly listen, man! Things would not be peachy and cream the next day, I don't guarantee that, but know this... Things will be perfectly clear and clean with the presence of the Lord in your heart. Because truthfully, what matters more than having a happy heart with Jesus guiding and protecting it. I'm getting excited thinking about all of the goodness he has done in my life.

It hasn't always been this way, I'll tell you that. There was a point in time when I questioned God. No, not the type of questions when you ask "So where do you come from God and who protects you." That's a question I will always have but, another but, I questioned his actions.. (*ooooo, little kid tattle-tale voice*)
I didn't approve of Him taking the life of others. I didn't think He loved me. Well, I didn't love Him to be honest so I guess my guilty conscience was winning. There were just so many issues I had with God. I am blessed and highly favored by a God that Loves me unconditionally, that reminds me that He is working and has a plan, so when I worry about the people He is taking from earth, I should glorify Him and praise Him for saving them from such a cruel world.

I definitely got off topic of this piece, but the Lord led me to write these things. I can't help but to praise Him and worship who He is. It's funny to me because, as I was one of those individuals, people worship and praise these earthly "Gods" and then find it to be difficult to love OUR God. "Oh, But I can't even see God. How am I even going to love him or get to know him?" Let me tell you! I do not need to physically see my God to know that I already am in Love with him. I see all that He has done in my life and I see that He has protected me and will continue to guide me. These celebrities that we indirectly act as though they are Gods, they don't know you maannnn! And yet, we still praise them. I recently wanted to go to a Beyonce concert. I used to worship the grounds that woman walked on, but she doesn't even know my name. MY GOD KNOWS MY NAME AND HE LOVES ME!!! So, the concert tickets were ridiculously prices. For a decent seat, it had to be between $150-$250; and when I say decent I mean you may want to carry some tissue for your nose, they thing may be leaking ! I also would like to go to the Retreat with my church, which costs $200. I had a decision to make. I thought, would I rather spend money on a concert that I will most likely see online or on television and Beyonce will not actually know that I am there. Or, would I praise spend a weekend of praise, worship, fellowship and becoming closer to God. Okay, the way I phrased that some of you may be thinking: Well, God is an omniscient God and he is everywhere and I don't need to pay money to go talk to Him or to feel his presence...blah blah blah.. Understand, it is different. To be away from this world. To allow no distractions to come your way. To only be around people who Love this same God that you love. To rid yourself from negative energy. Here I go again, getting excited and off my initial topic again. Hey, more for you to read. So, I decided to skip that Beyonce concert. Don't get me wrong, concerts are cool, loving moving is great but there is a limit. I truly, truly am able to say that I no long worship Beyonce.

So anyhow, my reason for this post "She's Not Happy. She Needs a Man". This woman, who has been married for over eight years to her husband, has lost herself. She thought that she found herself in this man, when in reality she continued to go down this deep-dark path of Nowhere. We are able to stand on our own in this earthly world because God has our back. The bible says "Three things will last forever--- faith, hope and love--- and the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:13) We are to love unconditionally and love one another faithfully. I emphasize on the faithful part so that I may bridge into my point. But, I will say this. Love unconditionally, but love the right people who deserve to be loved. There are people on this earth who are your enemies and are led by Satan but God wants us to love even our enemies, but don't give yourself and all of your love to one person who will never leave the devil.

So, another individual informed me that this woman was being cheated on by her husband. My response, "again?" It's sad, but unfortunately true. As the saying goes, Once a cheater, always a cheater. I partially believe that, but that cheater can be saved by Gods grace. So with my response, this person said " She needs to leave him. She needs a man" To some degree, I agreed; with only half of the statement. Yes, you should not continue to be with a person, woman or man, if the only thing you feel is solitude in their presence. So I'll cut this short and get to the point. Saying that someone needs a man/woman is disrespectful to them as an independent and belittling the person they grow to be. We all can stand on our own until God sends our soul mate whenever He is ready. Stop allowing these appetizers to become your entree. Don't settle because you are bored, tired of being in your own solitude or just believe that nobody is out there for you. Imagine, a God who is all about love allowing you to be in this world and not feel that spiritual love with another. That's funny business ! Psalms 9:10 says "The moment you arrive, you're never sorry you've knocked." How reassuring is it to know that all you have to do is come to God and if you are going through any hard times, He will bring you through. Do not seek others before you seek Him and while you seek Him, make sure that you are seeking yourself along the way. Find yourself; you don't need anyone else !

Saphia Louise