The Relationship.

It Is A Race, Not A Chase !

Today, our young adults ministry service was awesome. I really enjoy going there because it brings me to a place of understanding and helps to renew me in ways that may seem difficult on my own. The new series was on relationships.

Even though I am currently single, I believe it's the perfect time to learn what God desires from us when we wish to combine our life with another. The main important message; "Make sure that you continue to run towards God and run hard!! During that race, every now and then look up, but not all of the time, and see who else is running at the same speed that you're running towards Jesus and see if you see anything you like but remember, it is a race and not a chase !!"

I have been through so many different relations/encounters/flings in my life. Yes, I am 25 years old and the average twenty five year old should date only----blah blah blah... I have never, ever, once considered whether or not someone that I would potentially love was a follower of Jesus or not.  It makes complete sense why none of my relationships ever lasted.

I am grateful for the people who have captured my heart and allowed me to experience such pain, love; hurt and happiness throughout those years. I am also grateful and blessed that I have a God so mighty, so powerful and so loving that he is guiding and leading my life with no regret.

I never officially told God the type of husband I wish for him to place in my life. I also never asked God or mentioned to him the type of wife I wish to be. I would get sad, seeing how my past loves moved on and are "madly in love" with other women. I would complain to God and wonder why he is torturing me. See, I didn't know then, what I know now, that God was and is and will always be in the process of helping me to see that I can be better and helping me to become better. In this way I do not mean just better for me. I mean better for people around me; to be a blessing to others as well as myself. God is truly amazing. I took time away from dating at one point in my life and decided to seek God and to be closer to him and to also discover who I am. No, I haven't fully discovered who I am. I am getting older and learning more and more about myself, but I am more than positive that I will learn something new every day. That is absolutely fine with me because if I am not learning anything new about myself, that means I am not evolving nor am I growing. But I have grown a lot closer to God. So I thank Him for this journey that I am on.

" I just want to take my life into my own hands. It's my life isn't it ? I am in control, right ? I lead the path because there is no "visible" God!" Those were the words, or something similar, to an uninformed and uncaring individual who thought God was just a figment of people's obviously late-bloomed-childhood imaginary friend- imagination. In other words, that person was me.  I believed there was a God, knew of Jesus, but never really allowed myself to learn and to believe or to have real faith.


Now I sit here thinking about the message from Today's service. I found myself thinking of one person during the entire time. Someone who is also a follower of Jesus. Someone who loves Jesus unconditionally and will willingly tell me that Jesus is before me. And I love it. I pray daily for our friendship. I honor him and thank God for placing such an amazing person in my life.

An interesting topic and way to begin my new blog.

The most important point is, have a relationship with God before anyone else and make sure that your relationship with Him is stronger than any other.

FaithSaphia Louise