Red vs Eternity

July 18, 2014|

What do I want from this life ?
What can I do to help inspire others ?
What can I improve to make me a become better person ?
How do I help others and serve God ?
In what ways will I need to adjust my life for a change to occur ?
When will I take control over my own mind ? 
Will I let fear win every time ? 

What do I want from this life? A question that I ask myself every day. When you believe that this life is all about what you want, you are making a mistake. Your thoughts should involve being more like Christ and serving God. I admit, it's hard to know what God has placed us here to do. I never used to study his word and even now I have trouble dedicating a quality amount of time into it. This life is not permanent. One day I was at a Young Adults meeting at Church and there was a demonstration that my pastor did for us. 

Imagine a long, long, long rope. On the end of that rope was a red marking about 3 inches long. Now this rope had to be about 20 feet long(pretend that it goes on forever). The red mark represented our time here on this earth. What do you think the remainder of that rope represented ? 
ETERNITY. YES ! I wish I could break it down how he did, or at least like Francis Chan, which is where the concept originally came from. So we are doing all of these things here on earth, with the limited amount of time that we do have here, and half of it is not going to be able to come with us beyond the red point. Not only that, but the things that we are doing are probably going to be of question once we do reach that point. 

I constantly wonder how people work super hard at these jobs, maybe save up all of their earnings, just to buy clothes or to buy cars and splurge on things that are OF this world. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things. I am human. I have just personally never allowed materialistic things to become who I am. Not only is it not in me, but I am super cheap. Now, I would spend my last dollar on someone that may be something super expensive. Makes no sense. That's just my heart and how it works.  But what are we living for and what should we want from this life ? What we do in the midst of that red mark determines how we are going to exist for millions of years forever in eternity. What I want from this life is not to become comfortable in my own existence. I want to live for God, by God and through God. It's amusing to me because about two years you couldn't get me to really express Love for God. I didn't have Love for him. I acknowledged his presence, yes. I did not follow Christ. He was not my Lord and Savior. I felt as if the bible was this man-made book that was written to control us.   Talk about  free will. Even funnier, I had a friend who sent me a quote from Heather Lyndsey that was referring to being a Christian and partying and I went off. Yeah, thank the Lord for saving me. Now, I admire Heather Lyndsey and I'm sharing her words with others..  I want to be used by God in this life. That is what I want and I will go above and beyond and do all that I can to be used in any way possible. I begin my day by asking him to use me. Sometimes I may not even recognize how He used me until later that day or a few days later. Be positive and be full of God.

What can I do to inspire others? Now this is a tough question. What can we do to inspire others? What makes ME think that someone would take a simple 25- year old girl-still in College with no degree-yet graduated in 2007-living in a basement apartment-with no car-working at a simple job answering phones doing data entry is going to be of an inspiration to anyone. Well, I didn't think that way. I thought, what would I want to see every day that would inspire me to do better, be better and think better? I know ! I love quotes, phrases and inspirational words. So, I began to post Saphia's 100 Days of Inspiration ! It started off with the idea of not only inspiring myself but an attempt to be original. To not post the typical selfie of myself to share with the world, but to post words that someone out there may be in dire need of. There are so many opportunities to inspire others. SO many ! We are often so caught up in our own lane that we have no time to check our rear view or side mirror to see what's going on around us. People need inspiration. People need motivation. There are those hard core individuals out there who will act tough and ignore positive people from stepping in their lives. But then, there are those people who live by seeing another person do good. No, not repeat their actions, wish you were them, lived their dreams type of person, but people who actually like to see someone doing something positive and become motivated. I ask The Lord to allow me to be an inspiration to one person in this world and for it to be transferred throughout the people that they meet and so on. If you can affect one person, you all can affect the world.

I am twenty five years old, as stated before, and I am not perfect. My life has changed for the worst and it also improved for the better. I am in control of my own mind. I was chosen by God and I want to show him that I am worthy because he is more than worthy to be praised ! On this journey, I will take with me the only thing that I believe would be possible to take with me into eternity and that is Wisdom and Love.

Saphia Louise