1 Month and counting

I can be a Procrastinator.

If there was ever a category in our High School year book that said " Most Likely to Procrastinate" I am pretty sure that I would be at the top of the list, as long as it required no work.. How terrible does that sound?! It's really bad. See, I have a way of not believing in my full potential. I tend to get lazy. I slack off. So, to have made a month and 1 week of reporting to my blog, I am definitely proud of myself. It may not be much to anyone else, especially that I am reporting to a blog that not a single person reads, but hey, IT MEANS A LOT TO ME and that's what matters.

So yes, enjoy that Gif because this is a celebration. God willing, I will continue to grow and branch out within the next years. It is all in His hands.

Thank you, Casper the friendly ghost who watches over my blog :)

Saphia Louise