Everything Is Not Always Perfect.

Losing Yourself to Find Yourself

WOW. Looking back at this photo brings tears to my eyes. Honestly, tears of joy. This was me in 2011. I was STRESSED, so skinny, eyes always puffy. Heartbroken. I allowed a breakup to bring me to this point; which is good and bad because I eventually found myself. I even started cutting my hair nearly bald due to my breakup (although at that time I was in denial), but it only caused me to absolutely love short hair. But, I mean, I wouldn't mind that slim stomach at this moment, of course on different conditions. 

Women, and even men, never allow any person to cause you stress, especially to the point when you lose yourself. Yes, I lost a lot of weight at that time, but more than anything I lost value and reasoning in my purpose. I am God's child. YOU are God's child and a gift to this earth, if you lose yourself in it, you are not doing what pleases Him. I had happy moments and depressing moments during that time and so on, but I always made it through. 

I'm thankful for all that I've ever encountered in my past. Whether it was relationships or just personal things. I am also thanking God in advance for whatever obstacle I may go through in the future.

God does not want us to be perfect, He just wants us to be available.
 (will talk more about this in another post)

Saphia Louise