Beauty of Life


God never ceases to remind us that He is the creator of all things. 

How often do we find ourselves taking advantage of the beauty of life. Trees. Flowers. Sunrises. Sunsets. Not everything needs to be captured by a camera, but some things are worth holding onto. Everyday, whether it be rain or sunshine, God created it all and just like the sun that comes up out of the rain, he created us in the same way. We will endure soggy days, when everything feels heavy on us, but out will come an amazing, beautiful sight. 

There's nothing like a breathtaking landscape that man has no power over, but God does. To think, there are still a few things that remain untouched. Heavenly. 

P.S. I purposely allowed the crane to "invade" my image. Why? Because, even through things that may distract us from our destination, we must know that there is a beautiful victory following right behind it. Remain faithful and hopeful. 
Saphia Louise