Fighting Battles.

Have faith. Be at peace even through the storm. 

The devil is not strong. He has some kind of power but he is NOT God. See, God puts us through tests and allows the devil to toy with us. I always think back to the story of Job. Honestly, the first book of the Bible that I actually fell in love with. The devil basically said to God, yeah He isn't going to turn against you because you give him everything. Therefore God allowed the devil to test Job, and at first Job didn't fall, but eventually he did. Job lost everything, physically, but also his Faith in God. I mention this to say that God has allowed the devil to test me lately and sometimes I can be hard on myself because I am human, I am like Job and I fall and cave into this evil devil's plan. But I also had to learn that these tests of my faith are not given so that God can prove He doesn't love me, but rather to prove that he does love me and wants me to continue to draw myself closer to Him. Even with these trials that I may endure, I am not putting myself in a prison. I will never forget how powerful God is and the enemy will never take away my purpose. Ever. The next time I do encounter these tests, I will trust God and put Him first to fight the battle for me. 

'When your strength comes from God, you'll be unshakable. When you stay focused the enemy won't be able to distract you from this amazing will God has for my life"
Saphia Louise