Love, Family.

We may not see one another every day. We may not communicate often. But to know that the moments we share are always spectacular when we do come together, is more than enough.

Sunday was family day for me. My little cousin Alyssa turned 6 and instead of having a birthday party, my aunt decided to bring the family together so that we can also have my grandmother there.
Unfortunately, she has dementia and has been in the nursing home for the past few months. She was living at home on her own, with a nurses aid coming regularly to check on her, but she kept having falls.

My mother tried to keep her at home with her, but being that my mother has a 5 and 7 year old, it's really difficult for her to take care of my grandma as well.

So it was great to have everyone together, not for a bad purpose either.

My older cousin Jaime, my brother Jeremy and myself.

The younger generation.

I told Grandma, but First..... Let us take a selfie
Love you Always

We question the actions of God
wondering when we will understand
the power of His hand
and what's included in His plan
God gives us life, daily
though some are not deserving 
to be blessed
yet, we still want more
as if we've passed all of His tests
But what we may not see
is so clear as day
God spreads love
and gave us a family
Some may be blood
some may be just a friend
But we have all we need in life
if we just continue to Love 
until the end.
-Saphia Louise

Saphia Louise