Serve God now and trust Him for later

Are you sacrificing what lies ahead of you for a temporary satisfaction?

Our young adults service served a great purpose last night. The final session of the topic "The Future" hit me like nothing before. It actually excites me because I know that the retreat is just going to be even more powerful. 

So, here it is in the most simplest way I can give it to you Good !!

Be careful of what you want 'Now'.  Waiting is a part of walking with God. We need to learn to understand Gods delays in our life, and not see them as a downfall and take advantage of that downtime. 

God will delay some things in life because He is trying to develop them. Are you being faithful to what is in front of you before God puts you in the "future" of what you want.

Behind every promise there is a process. If God is promising you something, there will be a process. What are you willing to endure now so that you can receive that promise ?

We will often times sacrifice our future on the altar of a momentary hunger or desire. Be sure to remember your future so that you can resist temptation. What's in your "bowl of soup" ( refer to story of Jacob and Esau, trading of birth right for a bowl of soup. Book of Genesis.)  What is that temporary something that you are trading for the sake of your future ? Serve God now and trust Him for later. 

Saphia Louise