Is A Strong Desire For or Impulse To Wander or Travel and Explore the World

I have had the desire to create a vision board for as long as I can remember. Yes, I FINALLY got some of the tools needed. I mean, really, there's not much needed at first. You need a cork board of course, but then I just feel like things will jump out at you at random times. 
I am the type of person who needs to physically see things in order to better understand. I go out to dinner, my first thought is "does this menu have pictures?". It's 2014 people, every restaurant should include photos. I don't care how fancy you are! Saves me time from googling the food. Any way, I created this Vision Board so that I can  see my future come into play before it actually arrives. I want to have an idea of the things that I feel should be in my life..

I am a wanderlust. I absolutely love, love, love to travel and explore. Even if it's exploring near my hometown. Unfortunately I don't really have the money to do as much traveling and exploring as I would like. I've seen so many posts from people saying that they've traveled all over the world with like $300...Like, what? Where are you traveling and how can I be a part of this deal?

So, I figured, the only way to really get to these places, is to speak them into existence. To envision it.
So this is going to be my vision board, online, for SOME of the places I would love to travel to.

Table Mountain, South Africa
I mean, hello. I read that this is one of the world's best beach cities, also one of the world's most photogenic locations.  Yes please.

Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia
This sand is amazing! The attraction is breathtaking. I just want to climb the dunes and take in all of Gods precious, beautiful art.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Bro, who doesn't want to visit the pyramids in Egypt. They were built around 2650 BC. 
and bonus, obviously going to visit the Sphinx while in Egypt

Shanghai, China
While I am there, the Great Wall of China is a must

Edinburgh castle, Scottland

Dublin to be exact. This place is not only the setting of one of my favorite movies ( P.S I Love You)
but deep inside I believe that there is a moment in the future that is
patiently waiting for me to just sit on the green land
and just meditate and write.

More to come...

Saphia Louise