Pep Talk

My throat is feeling a little ehhh today. My co worker gave me a bag of Honey lemon drops, a cvs brand.
I might have already eaten 2 Halls and as I go in to reach for another, I decided to look at the wrapper. 

It's a "HALLS" brand cough drop. So I start reading the 'Pep talks' and they say:

Buckle down and push forth!
Nothing you can't handle.
Impress yourself today.
Don't waste a precious minute.

I go back inside the bag and realize... this is the only one that is different from the rest!

Automatically knew, that's God's work.

I have been a little out of it this past week or so because of school, work and the play. It's been a little overwhelming. Some issues going on with school financially.

I am reading this book by Joyce Meyer "The Confident Woman" and I just finished a chapter about self-doubt and not allowing fear to conquer me; not wasting time doubting myself and doubting God, but just go for what I want. Everyday I ask God to use me and I ask that I may believe in myself more as well as have stronger faith.

The funny thing is, when she offered me the Halls I refused the bag, but she insisted. I just think about what if she did only give me a couple and that intended "message" for me was denied. It seems so basic and simple. You're probably like, Saphia, it's just a little pep talk. But, I just think of what about all of the other blessings or messages I may be ready and willing to refuse from God without knowing.  What am I saying "No" to that God is insisting I say "Yes" to ? 

Sometimes it is so hard to pay attention to the signs, but I am very grateful that I didn't insist on refusing a simple pep talk that I needed Today.
Saphia Louise