A Lovely Day

Something about the name Jesus. I realized, it is the sweetest name I know

Today is going to be an awesome day because I proclaim it ! God is SO amazing. I was a little torn yesterday because of the anxiety caused from finding out that someone was using my debit card to make hundreds of dollars in fraudulent purchases.

But, I woke up this morning ! I am breathing ! I can talk ! I had a bed that I woke up in and I can eat if I want. I am blessed and Highly favored and the devil was not cool with that. He tried it, but it didn't work !

                                         NOT TODAY SATAN

It's not the end . .

The devil will do everything in his power to actually make you believe that you don't want to receive any blessings from God, because you think something bad is going to happen right after.

Of course when everything is seemingly perfect he wants to toy with you.

I finally understand his purpose which is to draw us, Children of God, away from God himself. tuh!

But just as easy as he thinks that is, it's so much easier for me to draw closer to God because I trust and know that He is mighty, powerful and worthy and that the devil is not giving free handouts for a good life, but for a terrible-dreadful life. I'll pass.

Saphia Louise