God belongs In my City

Lately I've been having some awesome experiences with great folks.

 Saturday, October 25th, I participated in the God Belongs in My City walk from Battery Park to Times Square.  Some people said it was about 10 miles, but it definitely didn't feel too long because we were just surrounded by fun, love and excitement. Who was counting the blocks or miles anyway?!
God Belongs in My City walk was a declaration of our faith to reach out to people of God to rise up and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. There was no shame in walking all throughout the streets of New York praising, worshiping, praying and encouraging and reminding others to know and remember that Jesus Loves them !

It was a great experience. Once we reached Times Square, it wasn't a "Oh we have reached, now we can go home", but instead we continued on our mission. Silencing the streets with our prayers, causing all outsiders to stare, etc. etc etc. It was awesome and I hope that people saw what God was doing through us and how He was/is using us, that they will turn to Him and know that His name is mighty and powerful. 

Saphia Louise