A New Way To Embrace Life

Conquer Life...Or at least come close to it.

If you're anything like me, you have had quite a few moments where you became just lost in a trance, thinking about your life and the direction it's going. Where will you be in five years ? Ten years ? Heck, even Tomorrow ! Life seems to go by so quickly, yet it tends to move slowly when you're not engaged in "fun" activities.

I thought about the times when I found myself sitting at work watching the clock, waiting for my time to "Clock Out". Time never moved so slow. I would try to occupy myself by browsing the web, drawing, reading, doing just about anything to make the time fly. I'll be honest, I can probably be doing a lot more than what I do, but I tend to lack motivation when I am on someone else's clock. My job is not doing something that I love. It's not waking up every day raving because I am going to conquer the world and use my talents on the job. It's not that way because I don't allow it to be.

A new way to embrace life. Enjoy every little bit of it. Often times we tend to only enjoy things if it is beneficial for us, or at least we know that someone is appreciating what we do in return. Many reasons. Embrace life by actually embracing it. I looked up the word 'embrace' and came across one main point that stood out. Yes, I know. We all probably know the meaning of embrace, but do we really?

Embrace: An act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.

Hold on to what you are given. Each day is a gift and you are able to rip that wrapping paper off however you please to unveil the blessings of each day. If you found joy in everything that you do, I believe life will be a lot better.

Saphia Louise