Farewell, So long. . .

It's Always Hard To Say Good-bye.
It's Monday and I am reminded that I will soon be stepping away from my current job and making my grand entrance at my new job, with a new company and new co-workers on December 1st. It's been a long two years and I can't begin to express how many times, especially over the last year, that I've said I can not wait to quit this job and move on.

Well, now that the time has finally come, I can honestly say that it's bitter sweet and somewhat emotional. I've developed relationships with many people here. More than business, but personal friendships. I've shared laughs. I've shared tears (we watched a lot of depressing/emotional videos on our down time). I've learned. I've been able to teach. I can carry a lot with me now that I sit back and think about what has come from these two years.

You truly never know what you have until its gone. As we grow, our surroundings change and grow with us. I know that I was not meant to be with this company for the rest of my life. I prayed and prayed for God to just show me the reason for me being here and then to bless me with a new job. As often as I prayed, God told me no each time. I wasn't ready. There was something in me that would not have been prepared, mentally-physically-or emotionally, to take on a new position.

It's scary, to be completely honest. Interviews only give you a preview of what's to come. Though I am a little frightened and have a slight lump in my throat knowing that I will be leaving my current "home", I trust in God and in His timing. I know that He has planned my life according to His will and I will not question it. I know that He did not give me the spirit of fear, so I will continue to trust Him and receive His blessings.

Without Him, I wouldn't be where I am at in my life. Beyond the new job. Everything; blessings/failures/lessons.... His grace is enough.

Saphia Louise