Today is the birthday of a  very special woman in my life. My grandma Louise. She turns 80 Today. I thank God for blessing her with all of these years and for allowing her the be so grand over our family.

Unfortunately, my grandmother had a turning point over the last few years, but this year the actions that were taken has affected all of us tremendously. Speaking for myself, it's a real heavy weight when I think about my grandma.

She suffers from dementia. At her age, she has many other issues but the dementia is what kills me. My grandmother had been living on her own up until a few months back. She would have nurses come and tend to her, but they didn't live with her. One day she had a really bad fall that led to her having to be in the rehabilitation center. This is a nursing home. So to skip all around and get to the main point... Her dementia grew and it's become a lot worse, especially her being at this nursing home.

I love my grandmother with all of my heart. I don't really visit her as often as I should because I find myself getting uncomfortable because I can't handle the fact that my grandmother is slowly forgetting who I am. Who many of us are. I don't want her last days, or even my own last days, to be filled with the thought that my grandmother didn't know me.

So, this prevents me from going to see her as often as I should. I just hope that one day I will overcome it, hoping that it's not too late.

But I do just wish her the best birthday. I love you mi nonna.
Saphia Louise