The Type

Why Should A Person Limit Themselves To Only What They Believe They Want/Need ?

When you narrow down your preference you're being closed-minded to the opportunities out there. For so many years I've had a "type" of guy that I would date. I preferred a man who was sensitive but also arrogant. Basically someone who was an a**hole, for lack of better words. I accepted someone using me for their pleasure whenever they wanted me. That was my type. Someone who didn't chase after me, but rather allowed me to have a chase to get them. My type was a guy who wasn't too into me because it would scare me away. I had a preference from the skin complexion all the way down to the type of shoes that a man would wear. 

At no point during those years did I ever consider the really important things. It was just temporary pleasures and things that were not worthy of my worth. 

When I had a "type", I usually pushed away the guys who probably would have been best for me and allowed, once again, the a**holes to take part in my life. 

Another reason why I don't believe having a type is appropriate is because you may be involved with someone who is your type and can get easily distracted by an outsider who may also fit into that category. When you learn to distinguish the difference between someone who is your type and someone who you've naturally grown to love, with all that they have to offer, your view becomes clearer. 

There's so much more you're able to appreciate. 

Saphia Louise