When You're 25; Do Life Goals Still Matter ?

Keep Calm...

I came across this blog post that was from a teenage girl and she was questioning where she was going to be in 5 years. For her, that would be 18 years old. It made me think. 

In five years, I will be the Big 30. Apparently, from watching movies and hearing older women discuss, 30 is the new 20. I guess 30 is when a woman truly finds herself, her sexuality, her confidence, her career is established; the Her she has secretly, or unknowingly, waited her entire life to be. 

To be honest, I was convinced that my life was going to turn out different from where I am at now. For one, I thought that I was going to be a Pediatrician/ Veterinarian, yes, I thought it was possible to have two offices in one. I also wanted to be an OB/GYN, delivering them babies. Thinking back on it, I was in a weird way addicted to watching shows of women giving birth on the discovery channel when I was younger. But that's another story. 

In five years, I will be the BIG thirty. Where do I see myself ? 
Welp, I am going to answer these questions that were on Zoe's blog Thoughts About My Future . 

What do I really want my life to look like ?
This can be simply answered, but now that I've kind of experienced life somewhat, I know that I should probably think this through. I first want my life to look as if Christ is the center of it all; because He is. I want to radiate happiness and joy. This is from the outside looking in. As if a camera is recording my every moment (vlog liiiife) I want to be able to playback and see that I am a woman who is not dependent on things of this world. Who will have a bad day happening around her, but seems almost perfectly content with who she is and what she has. Materialistic: I want a beautiful home, a family, a career that I love and confidence that I can take on any day. I want my life to look like a fairy tale, but realistically-- to be full of love, joy, happiness and strength. 

What makes me the happiest?
Laughter. The ability to laugh through things and at things. Seeing others happy and just overall positive vibes streaming around me. I enjoy seeing people happy--and food, good food.

What is my bigger purpose in life?
I think my bigger purpose is being able to serve and do God's work. There are so many ways and I just believe that I am supposed to help some way,some how. I have always wanted to do mission trips and humanitarian work--just don't really know how to actually start. But, in God's timing. Helping others is my bigger purpose. 

Specifically, I want relationships like____
I want a relationship that is honest, real and true. Thank God because I do feel as though He has blessed me with that. People can fake the funk-- that's the type I don't like

I want my career to look like ___
I honestly want a career that is focused on traveling, writing, photography, speaking to younger girls and helping others.

I want to look/feel 
Beautiful on the inside and confident on the outside. 

So, in five years, does this sum up to where I see myself? In a way, yes. But, I also can not determine what my future holds. I am twenty-five years old and I still have many goals in life, but I also choose to live freely and not to hold onto where I wish to be, because that may not be a part of God's plan for me.

Saphia Louise