Be Willing

Be Willing

Tuesday 8:45pm

For me this means to be Fearless. I initially started my blog with the intent of becoming more fearless. To take risks and to step outside of my comfort zone. Writing has always been for me the world above all worlds. I used to write short stories as a little girl because I loved how creative I could get with the imaginary people in my mind. To be honest, I don't think I had an actual imaginary friend,  but I think I had several-- and they were all in my stories. Aside from short stories, I wrote poetry, till this day and counting I own over 10 diaries and now my blog.

"Don't Be Afraid Of Risks. Relinquish Your Tendency To Play It Safe."

"Your Desire To Live A Risk Free Life Is A Form Of Unbelief."

Let go... Some things are meant to stay and others are meant to leave a mark but then be on it's way. I tend to play it safe only because I allow fear to get the best of me; or insecurities.

Lately I've been thinking about what I want to do with my blog to gain more of an audience. A few months ago, I couldn't care for an audience, but now it's like okay, you have to keep up with them so that they will keep up with you. But I had to pray about why. What is the whole purpose of someone keeping up with you ? Who are you ? I just want to extend love and step outside of my comfort zone, all the while inspiring and influencing others who may be in a predicament just the same as myself, or relatable.

Wednesday 10:36 pm

Again, as I began reading my devotional, I prayed about my concerns and my dreams.

"Do Not Try To Hurry This Process. If You Want To Work With Me, You Have To Accept My Time Frame."

I have to be willing to temporarily sacrifice my dream for His time and my independence. Meaning, I have to be ready to rest and depend on God and trust that everything will work out accordingly. It's easy to say " Listen, God, I need a new apartment. I need a car. I need a million bucks...but make it snappy ! " Imagine. Yet, some of us sit back and expect the universe to act upon our demands.

Funny story. My brother has been asking me to design a logo for him. Truthfully, because of my lack of confidence in certain areas, I haven't designed it yet. I don't believe my ability to draw is sufficient enough, so I haven't gotten to it. That's besides the point. He reached out to me Today, after asking me for weeks, and asked why haven't I drawn the logo yet. I snapped back and stated that I had a lot of stuff that I was doing and that I don't just sit around and stare at the wall all day so I hadn't had the chance. Excuses. Although this logo could have and should have been done, I told him that HE should have been sketched something so that I had an idea. Now take this story and flip it.

Suppose I am God and my brother is you. God already knows your plan. He created us. He knows our thoughts before we do. He knows our actions. God is listening to a gazillion people a minute. Wowzers. So, imagine you said to Him " God, I just want to become a better person. Please give me a new job"  and his response was " Well, I have other people who need jobs too. I can't find time for that right now. I don't think I can do that. I think you should find yourself a job on your own or go make one up!" TUH. God's defense is that you want Him to just work for you, which He is willing to. You just haven't applied yourself. You haven't even filled out an application, but you want a job.

The point of where I am going with this (let's hope there is a point because I honestly don't know where I am being led with this writing)... You have to apply yourself and actually work with God. Don't worry, He will handle all of the big stuff. Not only do you have to work with Him, you also have to accept His timing and trust in Him. Patience is a virtue; some things will be carried while other things are meant to be dragged, in a chocolate river if that helps !

Two things:
Don't be afraid of taking risks.
Apply yourself.

Saphia Louise