It feels like I took a long break away from writing ! Ah, feels good to be back.

This is going to be short and simple, seeing as though I just came home from the gym and haven't showered yet. Eeek ! 

This past week has been interesting. I finally started the new job on December 1st. It is somewhat different than what I expected, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, and time.  I am so grateful that I was able to move from one position and company to another. The best part is hearing everyone try to say my name. I mean, is my name really that difficult ? Haha .  Well actually, the real best part is being able to walk 5 minutes to the Staten Island ferry. 

Today, I went with a friend to Soul Cycle Gym and participated in my first cycle class. Oh-My! Soul Cycle is the perfect name because I felt that workout deep within my soul. I had to continuously encourage myself to keep going. It is not an easy exercise, BUT it was definitely worth the time and money and the pain that I will be feeling tomorrow. 

This weekend I was able to get some recording done that I had been putting on the back-burner for the longest. Now, I just need to sit down and edit. I have 3 videos that I intend on putting out this week, God willing. If not, it will just be two. Patience is key. To just put something out because that's what I want to do without making sure the quality is great is not the route I am trying to take. 

"Sometimes you are tempted to take the shortcuts, in order to reach your goal as quickly as possible. But if the shortcut required turning your back on My peaceful Presence, you must choose the longer router. "

Saphia Louise