You Might Be --- The "P" Word !

You May be a Procrastinator

I am ashamed to be writing this. I need a moment, or two.. I can probably get  around to this later. It’s actually not that important or effective. I’ll probably post about this next month when I have more to write about. Ehh, how about I just surrender the whole post entirely. 

What makes you sluggish and prevents you from doing important activities ? Why is it that when you know you have a deadline for something, you wait until the last minute ? How come social networks are more important than, well, everything ?

I won’t make this a post about questioning your character. I won’t, because I will be questioning my own at the same time. But, what I will do is speak on procrastinating and how far it has gotten me.
Each day that you wake up  ( I won’t say morning because some of us don’t know what that is)—after hitting snooze 3-100 times, turning over in the bed another 3 times, and sulking because you have to get out of the bed --- you’re excited and eager to take on the day ! Whose life will I save today ? What walls will I be knocking down ? Succeed ! Succeed ! Succeed ! And then, about two hours later, it’s a completely different story.Disclaimer: If you are like Eric Thomas and you wake up every morning at 4 am to take on your day, this is not for you to read unless you feel like laughing and making fun of us professional procrastinators. Hey, at least we’re professional at something, right ? NO.  We shall overcome.

Sometimes, I find myself with a whole list of things to do for the day. I get so caught up on which tasks I am going to take on first, that they all eventually end up just sitting there, staring back at me. Instead of actually getting around to it, I will lay down on my bed if I am at home, or make an excuse that my surroundings are too distracting. So instead, I find myself scrolling down my phone, looking at absolutely nothing but hoping a magical burst of excitement would pop through my phone. I’m either on my home screen of my iPhone, because it’s so entertaining, on a social network—because this too is the most absolutely important thing to be doing, or just staring at my wall—or people.
I find that having encouraging words, quotes or photos in your environment helps you to be more driven, motivated and determined. If you suffer from ADHD, you may need them everywhere---I mean EVERYWHERE. Hopefully this helps:

Tips to stop that Procrastination lifestyle
1. Do the demanding task first
When you wake up and you’ve got that blazing ball of energy just bursting from your pores, this is when you want to attack the task that you will dread the most.  You are going to give yourself the drive that you need even for the smaller tasks that you will take on later. By doing this, you are succeeding and accomplishing your goal and proving to yourself that hey, maybe it’s not that bad actually doing some work. It’s all up-hill from there !

2. It’s not too late—Start over
If you are just getting into the feel of starting fresh and giving up the life of dragging your feet, then this may be for you. It’s okay to start your day over as the day still progresses. Maybe you took on a task that took longer than you expected. Maybe you woke up later than you anticipated. Long nights, we get it. Or, laziness…But I mean, we still get it. Give yourself a time that allows you to start your morning all over and aim to succeed. 1-2 pm is reasonable, but if you decide to start your day at 5pm knowing that you have a list of tasks to do, just open a book and read about getting your life, because that’s what you need to do!

3. Make the task smaller
I came across this quote that was so accurate. “Cut down one tree. And if you can’t cut a whole tree, cut three branches.” When we think of all of the things we need to do, we become discouraged and overwhelmed. It’s almost like asking yourself whether the glass is half empty or half full. Sometimes it’s all about quality rather than quantity. Do things with ease and eventually it will be achieved. This is not to be confused with taking so much time that you hang fire, but perhaps you will value what you’re doing a little more. 

4. Work in the future
If you know that you are going to be behind schedule and you have a deadline, race the clock. Set your clock 10-20 minutes ahead and if you’re a professional procrastinator, then you know when you’re near the deadline that means crunch time ! In reality, you’ve given yourself an early start.

5. Do Not Disturb---No Interruptions
We have a tendency to blame others for texting or calling us while we’re “working”. Social media is a must because we just have to check on someone else’s life. That chicken in the freezer needs to be defrosted for Tomorrow! Other people and things aren’t interrupting us; we are interrupting ourselves. If you need to focus on something, remove all devices that will compel you to their beckoning call. Set aside a time to do other things before you start on your project at hand, that way you aren’t distracted by what you need to do. And look, social media will still be there when you get back—if not there will be screen shots to show what you’ve missed.

Think about where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. The more that you procrastinate doing things that are only pulling your further away from your goal, the more discouraged you will become. Encourage yourself ! Believe in yourself. Try not being so busy doing things that you don’t need to do because you are avoiding doing things you are actually supposed to be doing.

Saphia Louise