Be Your Best

“God is calling us something that we think we’re not, but he knows us, who we really are.”

Maybe some of you don’t believe in God or Jesus. I am certain that some of us don’t even believe in ourselves. How tough we can be on ourselves !

You’re in the middle of an empty football field, just you alone, no crowd, training for this big day. You aren’t even sure what is happening on that day, but from the whispers all around town you heard that it’s the most important day of, well, life. Each time you kick that ball, it misses the field goal. Each time you throw that ball, it’s a flop. You’re running and running and eventually you slow down because you lack agility. Finally, you consider giving up. You’re not going to make it to the big day. Who even knows if it’s really going to happen! These are some of the thoughts circling your mind. But do you know that you overlooked one person sitting in the bleachers. He has big signs saying “Go_____(insert your name)!” He’s cheering and rooting you on. You were so busy downing yourself and complaining that you can’t do this or that, and he’s over there smiling saying to himself, “ha ha, little does she/he know. She is going to MASTER this!”

Sometimes we need to be told these things. Fortunately, God finds ways to tell use—but most of the time we aren’t paying attention or listening because we are so focused on trying so hard. Take a moment. Believe in yourself. Look out at the crowd and spot the most important fan. Your number one fan. Let his joy and his love, his excitement and confidence in you be a reminder—be motivation.

He knows. He knows just exactly who you are, even if you do not know. But He will make sure that you realize it sooner than later—just be open to finding out and believing.
Saphia Louise