I Want To Be Beautiful.

                                                          I Want To Be ....

I want to be
Not the kind of beautiful 
That others simply see
When they look at me 
But the type of beautiful
That I feel 
When I wake up
When I speak 
When I live my life so 
Yet, beautifully 

I want to be Beautiful ...
Society has given the term beauty 
A new meaning 
A woman has to portray 
A certain image
In order to please 
The craving 
of someone else
But what about what I crave
For myself ?

I want to be so beautiful 
That the Stars ask permission to shine
Because the light that is within 
Has no intentions to dim 

I want to be so beautiful 
That birds chirp as I walk by
The sky aligns with my steps 
The sun forgets 
To descend

I want to give beautiful 
A new meaning 
Because we are all different 
And still beautiful 
I want to be able 
To open the dictionary 
And when one looks up beautiful 
All they see is

I want to be beautiful 
The only person needing to be satisfied
Is myself 
And the Most High 

God, I want to be so beautiful 
That I forget what I look like
Because my insides manage to 
take over the outside and 

I just want to be-- me. 
So when I look up the word Beautiful 
I am reminded that
No one can label me
A word besides who I already am 

I am me 
You are you
And we are

Poetry by Saphia Louise
With Love.

Saphia Louise