A Perfect World

A Perfect World; Heaven on Earth

When we think of living in a perfect world, it all seems impossible. As if perfection is not allowed on earth. Most of the time, if something is considered perfect, it is either an inanimate object—or it's simply a parent/spouse making the opinionated statement of their child or spouse. Still, we are not perfect. How is it that we can use a ruler to make a straight line and it comes up perfect? How is it that buildings were perfectly built?  Well, aside from the Leaning Tower of Pisa that started to lean during construction, but that goes to show that God isn't going to let us think some sort of conspiracy is going on here. We know that you're plotting on us, God!

Well, I know that I am not perfect. Yet, growing up, especially as of late, I have learned that I should strive and desire to be more like Christ, who-in many of our eyes-is perfect.

What is perfect? What is a perfect world?

Early this morning a co-worker addressed me with a thought that was on his mind. What if Adam and Eve did not sin, do you think that this world would have been perfect? Then, during his early morning commute on the MTA train, which gives a person entirely too much time to think, he stated that God spoke to him saying, "Well, even if Adam and Eve did not sin, someone else would have done it." His concern was that what if no one had sinned and this world was perfect.

Automatically, my mind was racing because I've had thoughts like that before. This word has brought on an entirely new meaning after I've given my life to Christ. It's not just a building that was built with no flaws. It's not just a line that was perfectly drawn with a ruler. It is a reflection of the Most High, the desired One, of Jesus. So, in that process in my mind, thinking of what perfect actually is, I said to him "Well, If the world was perfect we would have no desire for Heaven. We would probably have no idea what it is because in a perfect world we are living in Paradise." His reaction showed that he was stunned by the thought. "Wow! Wow, I hadn't even thought of that. Wow. So, earth would be paradise."  Sure enough, we go on vacation and sail the world and marvel at the beautiful creations of God and we call it "Paradise", but we are not in paradise; we simply are granted a glimpse of what Heaven offers. "Right. And, also" I said to him "God wants us to be drawn closer to Him. If everything was perfect and people were perfect, we probably would not even believe in a God or that there is one."

Honestly, it was such a simple thought, but I wowed myself, too. Perfection vs The Lack of. This is what we are here for. We are here to understand that perfection, in fact, does exist—just not here on earth.  When you are in school, you are usually given several tests throughout the semester. Each test is a reflection of what you previously learned building up to that test. When you receive the results, you are drawn to the answers that you responded to incorrectly as opposed to those that are correct. Of course you have a mini internal celebration for the ones that are correct, but a part of you (some of us) want to look back to the resources in order to understand why and how we got those answers wrong. We turn to either the teacher (Higher Power) or to the Book where all of the answers are. We do this so that the next time we are faced with a dilemma as such, we are prepared.

If this world were perfect—a statement that we would never have a true answer to. We have never touched the grounds, or clouds, of Heaven to truly understand what a society of humankind would be like if they were perfect.

In the end, we can only be the best that we can be. When we aren't as driven, when we have doubts, when we sin, when we are confused, when we seem to have no answers—we are still okay. We are to strive to be better than who we were yesterday, but to become perfect, is impossible; because God wants us to be steadily drawn to Him.

With Love... 
Saphia Louise