Do Everything With LOVE

Would You Follow Your Heart, or Do Otherwise?

"What job do you think you can get paid the most?"

I was walking up the steps to depart the ferry, anticipating a nice warm bubble-bath to ease my mind from such a long week. It was only Wednesday. I tend to become a people watcher and eavesdrop when I hear interesting conversations going on around me. There it was. What job do you think you can get paid the most? I hesitated turning around because I didn't want to make it so obvious that I had been listening in on their personal conversation, but the lack of masculinity in his voice prompted an urge for me to turn around. He had to be no more than 11 years old. Seeing him, standing next to his father, so innocent yet so concerned with what this world can offer him, I laughed. At first, I tried to smirk, but before I knew it the laugh seeped its way out. Following my laugh, his dad also looked up towards me and laughed. From his reaction I could tell that we were on the same page. An eleven* year old asking about what job would be the highest paying for him. So, since I involved myself in the conversation by my abrupt laughter, I also said to him, "Well, shoot, let me know when you find that out" and I just turned around and continued to laugh.

Immediately as we all began to depart, walking off the boat like the sardine  zombies that we are, I had a thought. At eleven years old, give or take a few years, many of us had no worries. As we come into pre-teen years and become a teenager, our fuss is normally that our parents won't allow us to stay up late, or we can't go hang out with our friends past a certain hour—maybe some of us weren't able to be outside once the street lights turned on. Man, I can imagine that struggle. Sometimes  the street lights weren't even working so you just had to be inside just in case! Or even the most crucial  one, not being able to have a crush or at least a boyfriend/girlfriend. I advise you young folks, if my sisters are reading this, dating is not permitted until you're 18. It just makes sense and we adults know better.
 As far as my future career, I had dreams. I had aspirations. I had a passion. Or, at least, a passion that related to my current passion in some way. The point is, if there was anything that I wanted to do when I grew older, it was based off of enthusiasm and a desire for that field. I always said that I would be a Pediatrician because I love and wanted to help children. I said that I would also become a Veterinarian because I love animals. Now, I tell people that I want to become a Journalist and honestly, many people will respond by saying "There's no money in that field" or "It's a tough job to get into and actually make money from."  Money became the goal. Yes, I know. We are in 2015 and you need money for everything. But, do you really? The more we idolize money, the more value we put on a single dollar and less on the product. [ No one can serve two masters. Luke 17:13]

It intrigued me that a child so undeveloped was concerned about what job would make him more money as opposed to a career that will give him more freedom, happiness, joy, etc. It sounds cheesy, but I can name a few money-making jobs who are making loads, but miserable people. [Be free from the love of money, content with such things as you have, for He has said, "I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you." Hebrews 13:5]

It is only my personal belief that we shouldn't do things for the love of money. At times, you may be asked to do a favor for a friend or employer, to do something that is tedious and requires a lot of your time. Right off the bat, some of us will ask how much am I getting paid? Is this overtime ? Am I even being compensated? I understand that momma got bills to pay! But, where did we lose the longing to do some things simply out of love? I have younger siblings, one of which loves to dance and is very artistic when it comes to  creating something from nothing. I pray that they do not lose that desire to create.

Being content in Today's society also gives you the label of being lazy, inadequate, useless, insignificant, and so on. We all want big homes. We all want money in the bank. We want the world and more. Find what it is that you love to do and are passionate about and let that be your guide. Money and Misery can go hand in hand but it can also be adjusted by Love. What do you love?  Why do you cut it short by doing everything else because, it makes more money ?

Do Everything With Love [1 Corinthians 16:14]

Saphia Louise