What Spring Brings. . .

The spring is finally here. 

No, I mean, I can actually feel the warmth in the air. My lunch break is only thirty minutes, so I decided to snack on something before my scheduled lunch, that way I would be able to go outside and explore. I carried my camera with me yesterday because I purchased a new lens. Can we talk about awesomeness, I love it !

I walked outside of my office building and turned to land myself in an area that I have been wanting to photograph for some time, but instead, I was pulled towards the opposite direction. I started walking towards the highway side that leads to the south street seaport. There were so many people outside enjoying their lunch, talking amongst colleagues, friends and maybe even spouses. I notice as warm weather arrives, people become more relaxed in New York City. Well, that applies partially. I was eager to snap some candid shots of just about anything.

As I approached the crosswalk, I saw this monument that was centered by a nice scenery of plants and I knew that once I crossed the street I was going to capture that area.  There was a man, dressed in army fatigue gear, walking down that pathway. At first I thought, wow, he must be hot under all of that attire. Then, I realized it was just a perfect shot. He was standing almost at the center of the walkway, and up above his head was the American flag. Talk about patriotic shot. Nobody talks about patriotic shot, huh ? I guess it was a shot. Ha. Anyway, I snapped the photo. Unfortunately, my new lens doesn't zoom in or out, so it only grasped just enough but not enough.

I thought, fail. So I continued to walk but suddenly I slowed my pace down so that I could take in this picturesque day and scan my surroundings. I snapped a few photos here and there, and then I continued to walk. I looked to my right and saw something that resembled an in-ground fountain, if that makes any sense, so I wanted to capture it from above. I made my way towards the steps and there he was again. The man in the army attire. He looked my way and began speaking, but due to my headphones practically glued to my ears, I only saw his mouth moving but no words followed. I removed my ear-buds and he said to me "Would you like to take a photo of a Vietnam veteran" in his thick Grenadian accent. I smiled and said "Sure!"

Story to be continued…  with Deryck Aird

Saphia Louise