You're Invited


Once upon a time ....

I remember when I joined this organization/team in late 2013, the name I'll hold back on. I was invited to a friends house for food and I mean, who's turning down some rare home cooked food ? I was intrigued by the opportunity to do one of the perks which was to go on mission trips and volunteer activities, so I signed up. The sole purpose of this organization was to invite-invite-and invite people to join. You become a recruiter. At first, I was excited about it yet when it came time to actually invite, I had doubts. I was afraid because you couldn't actually tell people what or why you were inviting them. I was ashamed because I felt like a beggar and almost desperate. So, I let that opportunity become just about the experiences that I would engage in. I stopped inviting and eventually stopped participating in the events and then eventually stopped completely and quit. While I was a part of this, I personally was reaping the rewards, the fun, only with the people who were already apart of it because I was afraid to invite. 

Two years later, I'm back to inviting. It's a new organization if you want to call it that. But instead, I'm not afraid to invite. I don't care what the reply will be. I won't quit or back out on this. It doesn't hurt my pride or ego to ask. Why? Because it's not only for my benefit. I had to re-invent myself over the years. I had to try to understand my purpose. To be honest, that's a little difficult still. But, I know it's not something that I want to experience alone. It's something that I yearn for everyone to be in on ! If I'm in, and I've experience His presence, why would I be intimidated and hesitant when asking others to join and be a part of this great experience? I'm inviting you to seek Jesus. To allow God to change your life tremendously. Now, when I say that, I don't mean you're going to wake up and lilies and roses will be blooming from your pillow, although that would be so refreshing and beautiful. But to be honest, you'll go through a struggle. It's a matter or trusting and believing. Many people are afraid of the church. So, when you invite them, they have all sorts of excuses. I can say thank you to that first organization because it prepared me for those people. I don't save, I am a vessel used by God to bring you to be saved by Him.


Saphia Louise