Costa Rica | Nicaragua


Ahh....Get Away

I just needed this vacation. I had been looking forward to going away since the moment it was booked, heck even before that. It was feeling a bit long overdue since my last vacation which was, I believe last year May. My body gets a certain tick reminding me that I've stayed in one place for too long. So, this trip was a nice release. Although I wish I could take a 6-month vacation two times a year, God has not blessed me with that opportunity yet. But, I'm sure He is working on it (smile).

Costa Rica and Nicaragua are such beautiful countries, to say the least. I believe that it depends on what you define as "beautiful" to really embrace its essence. I learned how to truly appreciate a place for their worth and not compare it to my own environment when I first went to the Dominican Republic and I witnessed the different lifestyles and means of living.

When we got off the plane in Costa Rica, the people were so welcoming and so nice. There were smiles everywhere. Side note, once I returned back to New York, I was internally upset because it's rare that people will greet you, let alone smile. But, that's neither here nor there. The bright smiles and sunshine embraced and welcomed us. Automatically, I knew that I was on vacation.

As we were driving back from the airport, I was just taking in all of the land; the people, the animals, the environment in itself. It surely was not New York. At first, I thought, I can't imagine myself living here. I am a spoiled American living in the Big Apple.  I began to look out into their world and I wonder what their feelings are.

Do they desire to leave Costa Rica and live a lavish lifestyle? Are they satisfied with their living arrangements? Of course, in all places, you have the rugged area and there are rich people also. But, I can say this. I truly appreciated being there and having the opportunity to take in a different culture and styles of living. I especially love the freedom of animals. Horses. Rams. Goats. Monkeys. It's so amazing that they're not caging up Gods creations. Yea, I'm sure the real thug life animals are not within arms reach, but I still admire it.

After the entire trip I realized I certainly can live there. Maybe not Costa Rica or Nicaragua specifically, but some place out of the box, out of America and especially out of New York.

I guess I've talked(wrote) a good amount, so here are some photos.

We reached the top of the Volcano and it was just a lovely view!

Inside of the church was amazing. The statues and the paintings, the decor was so ancient yet beautiful.

I'm ready for my next trip!