No, God Doesn't Work Like That!

" I Just Want To Go"
The most common phrase that I've heard plenty Christians say is something along the lines of "I may not always understand God's way of thinking or how He does things…etc"

Yet, we suddenly begin to think as if we do have His mind without actually checking in with Him about things.

Funny story, or maybe not so funny. It all depends on your level of allowing yourself to laugh at the little things that life throws in your direction.

Where I work, I constantly see people getting on and off the elevator all throughout the day. I was sitting here, minding my own business, paying bills as always and someone gets off the elevator. After about a minute or two, the elevator doors are still open. So, I stare at it for a good 10 seconds. Ask me what was the connection and chemistry between the elevator and I that sparked to make us have an ultimate one-woman-one-elevator stare down, I plead the fifth.

Suddenly, my mind decided to play a quick trick on me. It all happened so fast, so I'll try to slowly deliver it.

Look! There's an opportunity. The door is open for you. You don't even have to knock.
Run! What are you waiting for ?
I'm telling you, go now!

So of course, I was like what the heck, in my mind all confused like:
Devil stop it. I'm not running, I'll get fired.
God, that's definitely not you.
You don't respond that quickly.
Bye Felicia!

Yes, I had to chuckle at myself because I have no clue what happens in my mind. If it was up to me, I would just declare that tiny little men live in my head and are constantly bickering with each other while I'm outside in the world like please! Just get it together. But between you and I, they never do.

This made me think. An elevator. A thought and then BAM ! (I got the bam thing from my boyfriend because every time he makes a "point" he says that. Haha) Anyway, this was the thought.

I automatically doubted God. Of course, if I ran and hopped on that elevator without second guessing, I might've come back because, well, in this society we are all sort of brainwashed to believe that we "need" jobs. That is another topic that I MIGHT get into later on, like next week, or never. Who knows.

My brain was having this battle between discerning which voice was whose. Yes, it seemed to be two voices in my head, not including my own whenever the little people let me get a word in, but what made me put the negative label onto God? He said there is an opportunity waiting for you, just GO! Yet, I said God, stop It, you don't work that fast.

But, He does. So often God is putting signs in front of us. He is giving us answers that, hey if I'm honest, most of the time we really do not want to hear so we continue to drift away from asking it for a bit and then come back as if God changed His mind. Nope. He is a constant God and is the same yesterday, today….you get it right? It's you. It is me. We need to pay attention and listen to what God is telling us. I personally know that I have heard the phrase "God's timing" so often that it's programmed into my mind that some prayers will just take days, weeks and even months to come to pass.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link of a woman who was in her 30's, making 90K a year and was a Journalist. I mean, hello, ding-dong, knock- knock, it's for you! This article was so inspiring because she did something that I had been internally dying to do for several years. She decided she needed a change in scenery. She picked up and left New York and moved to St. Johns. Her job there? Scraping and selling  ice cream! We could go back to the idea that many of us believe we need to work big jobs to survive and call this woman crazy for leaving her 90K a year salary job and is now scraping ice cream cones. The point is, she went after the opportunity and ceased it. She appears to be or expresses that she is happy and it all stemmed from running into that door that was full of opportunity.

So, I would say, RUN. Go for it. I myself, need to follow this new mantra and just GO for it! I might not move to St. Johns, but, I would most love it if I believed more. Working on that.
Saphia Louise