The Bigger Picture

A Different Perspective

Where do I start with this one. Sometimes in life, we end up with tunnel vision. That can be great in the long run, but also bad in the current. I should probably be working on my final speech presentation for class, especially that I'm over here trying to sell you all of something that is on my mind, but I'd rather sit here and talk about the bigger picture.

Tunnel vision grants us the ability to focus on one single goal and outcome. However, life occurs and it may distract us from that goal or point of view.  If only people knew the things that were going on in my mind. I apparently was not gifted with the ability to have tunnel vision. Yes, I believe it to be an ability because it requires a lot of focus, determination, and drive; most of all knowing or having an idea what is at the end of that tunnel. For me, I am truly not sure but I think I know, but then I'm like no that's not it, and then I'll be back to thinking again that maybe that is it… Blah.

So anyway, this morning, I woke up to overhearing something that disturbed me. For matter of privacy for others, I will not reiterate onto my blog what was said. Nonetheless, the statements and atmosphere made me unable to hide the scorn in my voice towards the devil. I firmly told the devil that he is not allowed or welcomed and will not destroy me. He is not stronger than my God which means he has no control over me. Then, I praised God and in the midst of it asked him, What are you doing with me? Why do you have me in this current season in my life? Is there something you need me to do? Someone you need me to help? Seriously, answer me. I think we all ask that question into the universe no matter what you believe and it can become so difficult when you want an immediate answer but, hey.

I didn't allow the situation to get to me, instead, I carried on and made my way to work. I've mentioned him here on my blog many times before, but my co-worker, who is older and more mature than me, is someone who I feel I can always speak about my spiritual growth or anything pertaining to The Lord. As I walk towards His desk, He is so euphoric, we exchange our morning greetings and he begins to tell me about someone and their negative "tongue". I gasped! He tells me his story and I just say to him, wow God is using you and you don't even know. As he's telling me his story, he is also reading a scripture that relates to what he experienced and which was also perfect for what I had experienced.

Tunnel Vision, negatively. Of course, I was ready for battle. I had the means to call this person out for what had disturbed me and I was focused and keeping in my brain which book he was in and just eager. I was determined. In the midst of our conversation I even started thinking of ways I could posts indirect comments along with the scripture on Facebook so that I know this person would see it just incase they avoided  my intended text. I was focused, man! BUT, God was like SLOW YOUR ROLE. THAT'S NOT WHAT I SENT YOU OVER HERE FOR! You know when the boss tell you to chill, you side eye but you have to chill anyway. I just need to learn how to chill!! (sorry, I couldn't help this little insider)

I gave my co-worker a snippet of what my morning consisted of and I mentioned to him that I even asked God what's the deal.  Immediately, he reminded me that I can not change anyone. I am not God and it is not my job to change anyone. Why am I in this season? It was like he had an epiphany. "For your growth." Duh, Saph. He reminded me that it is all about the Bigger Picture. Sometimes we experience things with people and whether it be their negative or positive impact, it is about my personal growth. God is doing something in my life right now that I may not understand, I may dispute and that I'm probably not accepting as easy as I should, but He is working.

It's all about the bigger picture.

Pray for someone else while you're at it.

With love ...
Saphia Louise