No Comfort Zone


My summer goal is to slowly drift away from my comfort zone as much as I possibly can. I am getting older by the minute and I want to accomplish so many different things and levels of awesomeness in my life. So, a friend asked me if I wanted to be a part of this dance for a web-series that Amanda Seales was shooting. I don't dance. Back in the days when I used to go to the clubs with my friends, it was rare that I would dance because I was always so shy and self-conscious. It's unhealthy when you are so concerned with what people think about you.

I was so excited once I saw the email because it was exactly what I needed. Let me tell you why. We had only one day of rehearsal and then the next time that we would all meet, was the day of the shooting. On Sunday(6/14)  we rehearsed for what seemed like two hours for a simple 10-15 second dance. Lo and behold, we were smack dab in Central Park right next to the Great Lawn, right after the Puerto Rican day parade. So, that pretty much sums up how I felt. But thank God  it was actually less nerve wrecking than I expected it to be and so much fun! I met some new girls and we all just had lots of laughs and good moments.

The grand finale. We had to perform in Times Square. Again, this was a quick 10 second dance and we re-enacted the moves of Michael Jackson's thriller. But the world stopped as soon as the cameras were on us and the tourists and locals of New York stopped what they were doing to watch us. Man, I couldn't believe that this was happening and that I was standing there in the middle of the busiest part of New York, dancing! HA! Though it's something that I never would have imagined that I would ever do, I would certainly take part in it again!

Another plus of that day, a friend of mine works in the Viacom building at BET and I went up to meet with her and hang out for a while. I just envisioned myself working in that industry, behind the scenes, producing shows, etc. I walked into their conference room to fill my tummy up with the few grapes that were there from possibly an earlier meeting. While I was in there, it felt so surreal. I saw a poster from the show Mary Jane and imagined myself discussing new ideas for the show, looked outside of the large ceiling to floor windows and watched as the busy city kept moving as I was stuck in a moment and thought, I could work here in the future. I also met Debra Lee, who is the CEO of BET. Well, we didn't "meet-meet". I was sitting down with the choreographer and Debra walked by and we greeted her. I pretty much smiled and said hello. Lol

Twas' a nice weekend

Saphia Louise