Where There's Life, There's Hope.

Keep Hope Alive

I'm sitting in Laguardia airport, patiently waiting for my 2-hour delayed flight  to make its grand entrance. I woke up at 5:00 on the dot this morning, jumped out of bed because I thought I was late. Thankfully, I packed last night and set out today's outfit on top of my bag, nothing major just sweats sneakers and a shirt. I carried my now proclaimed oversized jean shirt that once belong to the boyfriend, airplane life gets cold.  Once I made it to the city, I was in a panic state because I had 5 minutes to get to the super shuttle which I had no clue where it would be exactly, plus I wanted some breakfast. Of course, the shuttle was 15 minutes late, but I did arrive at the airport 2 hours early. My flight is, well was scheduled for 9:40. As I checked in at the kiosk, it read in big red letters: DELAYED. It had only been delayed for one hour, so boarding was set to be around 10:30. I could deal with that, no biggie. It's now 11:19 and I'm still here. I am a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. 

We are heading to Georgia for my sisters baby shower. I am semi-excited to see her but more excited to be getting a mini vacation. Okay, okay I'm super excited to see my sister too. She's just been so emotional lately due to the pregnancy and that can be kind of contagious. The emotions, not the pregnancy. Nonetheless, I'm excited to see her and family. The airline decided to give us breakfast vouchers to make up for the disappointment. I'm grateful. I'll take the free food. I grabbed a fruit cup and Chamomile tea. 

I love tea because of the relaxing feeling it gives me, but also because most of the exotic teas, yes I said exotic, provide me with a cool quoted tag that makes me smile.

"Where Theres Life, There's Hope"

This is so simple, yet so meaningful. 

Each morning that I wake up, I thank God because I do not have to be granted another day. Many people don't make it to see tomorrow, so I have a lot to be grateful for. More importantly, I have hope. I know that He still has a plan for me and it has not come to an end yet, Lord Willing. Each breath that I take, I have hope. 

Hope: Grounds for believing that something good may happen. 

As I sit here waiting to board the plane, I still smile. I still find joy in this day because although things didn't turn out as expected, there will still be good in my day. 

So I share this with you and remind you that there is hope in everything as long as you're still breathing. 

Boarding ! Adios

With Love

Saphia Louise