Dare to Walk Backwards

Can you see ahead of you when you're focused on what's behind?
For me, it's always been a challenge to genuinely trust what God is doing in my life. It can be hard, to look ahead and believe that He who you cannot physically see, is standing in front of you, beside you and behind you whispering to you, "I've got this". 

Whenever a trial comes my way, I'm sure like many people do, I begin to worry and grow anxious. I lack the trust that is necessary, that which reminds me it's only temporary and this too shall pass. 

A phrase we often hear is "Don't focus on the past, instead, focus on what is ahead." Very well. But, sometimes we need to focus on the past to remind us that in the present if we remember what has been done previously, we will gladly march our way into the future.  It's pretty much a cycle. It helps when we turn around for a moment to look at the past and see what God has done. 

This can be whether we're in the midst of a trial or begin lacking faith. Remember to look back and count the "countless" blessings that have come your way. Count the struggles, the miracles, the mountains you've climbed but doubted the possibility of accomplishing. He has been faithful, time and time again.  

Everything isn't as simple as it may appear. I know that whenever I come to rumble with a gray fog, I will be okay no matter what. Because when the fog clears, I will see that He remains constant.  

Start your day backwards. 

With Love
Saphia Louise