Walks of New York

Sometimes no destination is the best destination. 
There's so much to do in New York, especially during the Summer season. In the beginning of May, I always create this little calendar of events that's going on around the city. I've been to a few that was on my list and also checked out some galleries using my Fever app, but there's nothing like random walks around the city with only one destination: inspiration.


Aside from writing, I love taking photos. I always had a camera in my hand ever since 2nd grade, maybe even before that but the Barbie camera doesn't really count. I broke it the first week that I had it anyway. Sorry, godmommy. 

I decided to challenge myself and share the journey along the way. For the next 30 days, I will be using either my Galaxy s6( yep,  I switched on over to the darkest side), Nikon D3100 or my Nikon Coolpix to take photos and share my thoughts about what was inspiring enough for me to take a picture, or just share the photo. 
And so, it begins. Truthfully, I might just post a round-up once a week, or daily. It all depends on my other posts.

July 27, 2015: Day 1

I hopped on the R train to 8th street and as I was walking,  I saw this beauty. The color of this home was so welcoming that I spotted it from a block away. At first I was bothered that the red car was parked right in front,  taking away from its beauty,  but surprisingly it was enhanced by it ! 

This house reminds me to stand out and shine.  No matter what may try to hinder me. Just remain who you are.


With Love

Saphia Louise