Dear Future. . .


Most of the time we are asked, what would you say to your younger self. It's easy for us to stroll through our past and see where we messed up, when we did our greatest and say what we would have done differently had we known better. Well, this is a "Dear Future Me" post that speaks to the future Saphia.

I saw a post on and I was inspired because as easy as it is to advise other people, sometimes it's very much needed to give yourself some encouragement to know that everything that you are currently going through is temporary and a lift for the future.


Find a way to understand, you never really failed. You were going through each season according to the plan that God has on your life. Yes, it was tough, it was hard. But, look at where you are at now.

-I hope that by 40 years old, you have traveled many countries and cities to explore. I know how much you love to travel and how important it is for you to fulfill your wanderlust desires.

-I trust that you have found yourself, learned to truly love who you are and given up any doubt about your purpose and worth.

-You did it! You did it, You did it! 

- Girl, you better believe ! That mountain? Oh, it'll be a pile of dust after you're done with it and plus, God has your back, duh!

- I hope that you are your mother have found a way to heal all past burdens.

- Make sure that you love yourself before you dare to give your love to anyone else. People will never know how to treat you or love you unless YOU give them a blueprint. Because, you deserve the best !

- Your blog will always be your little baby, no matter what,  it will continue to grow. Keep doing what you love. 

- If you're still waiting until you get a headache before you eat something, get on it, don't make me come for you!

- Treat yourself on occasion and if you will, be as generous as you are to yourself with others.

- Dear 30 year old Saphia. I hope you are married with at least your first child. I know how our back aches and knees ready to crumble and you don't think you'll be able to run around once you're old-old.

- Speaking of, Dear future Saphia, take care of your health; mind, body and soul.

- It may seem absolutely inaccurate, but you're amazing and worth it.

- Never let anyone alter who you are.

- Didn't the worries of the past seem like such a piece of cake? Yeah, we've been working on that together!

- Dear Future Saphia, I hope you've stopped caring about not being yourself (goofy, extremely weird and probably not suitable for public) around people. Whoever is around you and is worth it, will love you for who you are.

-Dear Future Me, I Love You.
Saphia Louise