Find Your Niche + Blogging 101

So,  you're thinking about blogging? 

Many people have approached me in regards to my blog. For me, it's both humbling and exciting because I honestly never knew half of the people that approach me actually read it. Also, I still consider myself a beginner; I'm fairly new at this blogging life. Still, I was encouraged not too long ago, by my bf and recent questions from people, to help those who are looking to get into the life of blogging. 

Here are some tips for finding your Niche and improving your blogging skills.

Decide Your Topic
This is the scary part about blogging, or doing something that you love and sharing it with the world for that matter. Just like with my poetry, I began blogging as a personal and private opportunity to improve on my writing skills and commit to something that I loved doing. The issue with me is that when I decide to share something with outsiders, the little voices inside of my head that go against all positivity start to say things like, you're not good enough. Your writing is simple and not significant. Then there are the moments when I begin to feel like I am losing my passion because I am writing for people. So, one thing that I always have to remind myself and tell others is to decide what you want to write about and stick with that. There are many doors that will open to lead you into other areas to cover, but do not lose your purpose, especially if you are losing it to please others. Your audience is important, but your content is what keeps them captivated. If you do not have a topic immediately, it is okay. Explore and find what excites you. Also, do your research. In the blogging world, it is okay to be inspired.

Your Experience
Take a moment to examine your life and the paths you have crossed. Your experiences can be uplifting, inspiring and valuable for your readers. Sometimes we question the purpose of our mountains, trials and suffering, but if we come to realize that it may be beneficial for others, it becomes blissful to go through the trying times.

Join A Community
Again, it is important that you do research, but it is also a great step if you become familiar with and communicate with others that are in the world of blogging. This serves purpose for many reasons. One being collaborating on works together and being able to network and branch off into different areas. This can be very intimidating, but once you feel comfortable with the content on your blog, it will be effortless for you. Side note, I am still working on this part especially.

One day you might be extremely inspired to write, write and write. Then, you're drawing a blank. It happens. Coming up with topics is one thing, but being able to write a worthy post can be painful. But, that's no reason to fear or quit. There are so many outlets to provide you with topics to write about that make one step of the process less painful. Therefore, remain consistent. In order to have a growing blog, you must be committed to your readers. It's sort of like a relationship. You can not give love only when you want to and expect the relationship to last. Your audience, if they are interested from the beginning, will only remain interested if you continue to give what they expect. This also makes it tough when we refer back to the idea of "pleasing others". But, this is different. This is about consistency with your blogs as opposed to the topics. If you say you're going to blog twice a week, DO IT!

There's so much that you can learn about blogging all over the internet. These are my top 4 suggestions for growing your blog. Take note and happy blogging !

With Love
Saphia Louise