Investing Way Too Much

 Most of my friends know that I am an avid R&B music junkie, mainly 90's early 00's. 
That era of music was just perfect. So, yesterday I caught myself listening to this new 90's playlist that I created on my Spotify and an old Mary J. Blige song came on, "Not Gon' Cry." I started to listen to the words more intently than I have in the past. In case you have never heard this song, she talks about her significant other/lover who she has given everything to, invested so much time, effort and love into, and he never really reciprocated that love and now he is busy loving someone else. At first, I became "that girl" and thought about all of the time and energy I put into a guy who I thought was going to last  forever, but soon realized this song can mean more than that for me.

One thing I try not to embrace, is regrets. Everything in life happens for a reason and is usually around for only a season, with very few exceptions. So now that I've got that out of the way, here is the point of my post. I was speaking to a friend and she said to me, "I really don't think people should work as much as they do. I think there should be an equal balance of a variety of things." This made so much sense to me. Since it was stated prior to me listening to the song, it enhanced my ideas and inspiration to write about investing too much time into certain things.

Whether it be relationships, jobs, social media, people, trends or whatever! Some people may read this and think that I am saying do not invest any time into anything. No. I am simply saying, is the work that you're putting in being reciprocated? Whether it be in return to you or beneficial for others, or is it so stagnant that it seems like what you are doing is, well, pointless.

Take social media for instance. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I think it truly is a great source to turn to when you are branding something, networking or in some way being productive. When I am commuting, this always happens to me. I find myself on my phone and for a split second, I would look up and see that everyone else is on their phones. It makes me feel disturbed because when I glance at the nearby screens, they're usually scrolling up facebook or Instagram observing the lives of others. I think there is so much more that we can do with ourselves rather than always being so engaged in another person life.

As most of you know, I recently put my two weeks notice in at work. Friday, August 28th, is my last day here working for this law firm. I've made so many excuses about how I am wasting time at this job and how it lacks inspiration and motivation. Yet, I still invested time here. I do not have a back-up job to cover me once I leave this place and go to school full time. However, I do have plans to soak up my free time to do more of what I love to do and invest in something that will help me grow as well as encourage others. Just as my friend said, most of us are putting all of these hours, even doing overtime, at a job just for some extra pocket change. You may feel like your time is being exchanged for money. Sure, it is. But, will you be holding onto that money for the rest of your time here on earth? No, it's easily spent. Memories, experiences, that lasts for all of the time.

I've invested time in my mind this past week. I have been so caught up with things going on in my personal life that I received nothing from the thoughts that I have been trapped in. Though, it encouraged me and inspired me to really push forward and do things that I love. Invest accordingly.

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With Love.

Saphia Louise