Spread Love, It's The Brooklyn Way !

A Step Into The Brooklyn Museum. .
Honestly, I think Museums are either a cool date spot or something to do completely on your own. I enjoy throwing on my headphones and parading my way to discover new art all by my lonesome. 

I usually opt for museums that have exhibitions which I know nothing about prior to, so that I can learn something new. Thursday, I went to Brooklyn Museum fully aware that the Jean-Michael Basquiat exhibit was taking place, as well as some others. I'm always on the internet searching for things to do in the city, so this was my Thursday nights selection! Enjoy the photos. 

Welcome to Brooklyn Museum

Basquiat and his complex mind. 


Male. Ego. 

Basquiat was born in Brooklyn, started his career as a graffiti artist. 

Art that is unexplainable,  yet says so much. 

The other exhibits were also interesting. 

"The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago. An important icon of feminist art. The plates all were designed by a different woman; each symbolizing a woman's private area.

Writings from women who suffer because of their lifestyle. Lesbianism. 

There were so many amazing pieces. But, you must go see for yourself. 

Some more photos that I took. 

I had a really good time exploring all of the exhibits. Pictures don't do as much justice for a museum. The museum is open late on Thursdays,  so if you work,  don't worry yourself because you can still make it. Also, after 6, the price is adjusted to what you want to pay. Can't beat that! !

With Love. 
Saphia Louise