My Curly Hair

Okay, let me start off by saying that I hesitated doing a "curly/natural hair" post for a super long time. This could be a hit or miss, but--it's happening.

So, I've been asked by many people, between instagram and in person, how I maintain, control and get my curls to be the way that they are.

Growing up, I've never had to worry about maintaining my curls or keeping them. If anything, I was always looking for ways to get rid of them. It's actually interesting because as I watch my younger sisters and how they feel about their curly hair, I noticed that they pretty much have the same feelings that I once had. Being that I am older and have grown to love my hair more,  in its natural state,  I try my best to remind them of how beautiful their hair is also.

circa 2008 (excuse quality)

I would always straighten my hair because I had the idea that it was "easier to manage" and straight & long hair was much more beautiful. These were ideas that I've linked myself to. It's funny now because when I have my curly fro, people often ask me "is it hard to manage?" Or "It must take you forever to do that, right?" Let's not even get into what I feel about those comments. *side eye*

However, I avoided this post for a few reasons. One being that I'm no curly hair guru and I don't really put many products in my hair to be much of an informative source. The second reason for avoiding this was that I have a tendency to not go too deep into things I don't have much passion or knowledge on. Well, after a discussion in my magazine writing class, I was encouraged to dib and dab into things so that if in the future I had to write about it, I would at least have partial knowledge prior to doing research.

I like to consider myself an artist. Being an artist, I subconsciously want everything about me to represent what art means to me. My clothes, my hair, my writing. So, I thought about all of the times that I've colored my hair. I went through blonde, hot pink, purple, platinum white, green/blue and dreads, braids, haircuts, you name it!

I've never cared much about my curls until I cut my hair and began to grow it back. For me, it was a new beginning to embrace who I was and to love my natural state for what it was. In that time, I like to say that the devil came galloping and saw how beautiful my curls were coming in, and convinced me to bleach and dye my hair back to back. I had an idea and it failed. 

(see here, my curls looked very much like strings of pasta.) These photos were taken after this:

After doing that, I damaged my curls. I was ready to give up. To be honest, I love short hair so that wasn't much of an issue for me.  I had to start all over. I went for another big chop.


This was the around the time of my last of chopping my hair, for now. I was able to start all over, again, and learn what my hair was and was not able to tolerate.

I went 8 months without putting heat to my hair. Once you learn that all of the heat thats being put on your hair is extremely damaging, it's easier to stray away from it. My hair styles were a straight back ponytail or my mini to large curly fro for eight months.

So that leads me to this happy place of curls. My curly hair journey.

Like I said, I am not that good with telling the perfect products to use to strengthen your hair or for it to grow. Hey, I feel like I've been waiting forever for my hair to grow longer, but patience is very important.

I usually wash my hair once a week and I do not use shampoo. My go-to products are :

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner 

 I can't tell you how I came across this product, but for me it was just trial and error. After cutting my hair, it grew back so healthy and curly. I wanted something that would be great with cleaning my hair and keeping my curls in tact.

 After washing, without shampoo, I immediately put the leave-in conditioner on my wet hair. This is also from As I Am.

So, there you have it ! Maintaining your curly hair is all about finding your comfort zone. You should never get caught up in another persons journey because we all have bumps in the road. Find your path to your natural hair journey. One thing I can say, there are so many resources on the internet to help you along your way. My goal is for my curly-fro to grow 20 inches in width and length. GOALS!

My Recommendations
1. Learn your hair. Find out what it loves. Too much water? Washing too often, with bad shampoo? Not enough moisture? You have to pay close attention to these things.
2. Refrain from using heat. Start on a 30-day challenge and as you get close to the 30th day, add 30 more.
3. Cut off all of the dead hair. It took everything for me to cut my long hair the very first time, but after that--it was effortless. I want the best for my hair, so I will do what's necessary.
4. Love YOUR hair !! I can't say it enough. Especially if you are going to do a big cop. The phases that we go through during the process of transitioning can be somewhat discouraging, but LOVE it anyway !
5. Lastly, explore and experience.

I hope this was help as far as an inspiration for you to keep going. It's a long journey and it takes patience. Keep yourself motivated and informed!

Saphia Louise