Tuesday Eats: Mediterranean at Blue Restaurant

LET'S DIGEST : Discovering new restaurants in all neighborhoods of New York (and elsewhere) is such an exciting thing to do. Whether it becomes a favorite because of the food, the appearance, the atmosphere, the people, or even all of the above. My goal is to visit as much restaurants as I can all over New York and tell you why you should eat there ! Check out the Let's Digest section for more of my favorite spots!

Sometimes greatness is sitting right in your backyard. When you think of Staten Island, most people say things like, "the forgotten borough" or "there's nothing to do out there." This may come as a shocker, but there are actually some fun things and good places to eat here in Staten Island.

For the longest, we have been driving by this restaurant that is located not too far from Staten Island Ferry. Blue Restaurant, surrounded by water, the historic landmark Snug Harbor and railroad tracks shadowed by a view of the Manhattan skyline.

My boyfriend Jonathan decided to have our date night dinner there.

The Food

We went straight for the Entree after having the delicious bread that was served to us at the bar. I ordered the  Shrimp Strangolini and Jonathan had the Pork Tenderlon.  I'm a seafood fanatic, so when I looked over and saw someone next to me eating the Shrimp Stangolini, I couldn't pass up on this dish. Sauteed shrimp, fresh spinach, a splash of white wine tossed in artisan pasta,mmmm! I'm getting hungry just thinking about how delicious this meal was. 

And the prices are perfect for a date night. They range from $22-$32. Definitely not a bank breaker.

Blue Restaurant also offers a Pre-Fixed menu, which is great if you're going to eat with a group of friends. We all know how that goes at the end of the night.

The Atmosphere

We were warmly welcomed by the owner of the restaurant the moment we walked in. Of course, I wanted to experience their outdoor dining, so we had to wait a few minutes until being seated. This was no problem because we sat at the bar and the bartender was very attentive and friendly! 

The indoor seating was very cozy and intimate with the same view as you would have sitting outside. From our seats outside, we were able to bask in the sunset, which was beautiful. We went on a Tuesday night, so the crowd was not too large, but enough to hear melodic chatters that settled you right into a comfortable zone.

If you're ever in the area, check out Blue Restaurant for a great Mediterranean cuisine meal.

Blue Restaurant
1115 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10310

Saphia Louise