What Can You Get Out of A Photo Walk in NYC

The Best Way To Know Something, Is To Discover & Explore That Something.- Saphia

Friday Morning, my day off from classes, I woke up with the desire to explore. I originally left my house hoping to go bike riding throughout the city. Unfortunately, mother nature was confusing me and I had no intentions on riding a bike, in the city, with rain pouring down. But of course, it never rained. That didn't stop my parade. I began my walk from 34th street and ended up at 14th street and back downtown near the World Trade Center memorial.

It's Fashion Week in New York City. 

Work So Hard, You Leave Your Shoes Behind !

The "OG" | The Wise Man
Posted just around the corner from the heart of Union Square in NY, I turned around and he and his friend motioned for me to come over. I can thank him for his insightful information and encouraging words demanding me to stick to my passion(s) and continue taking photos. Reciprocation.
"What's your name?"
*laughs* "Well, I guess I'll make up a name for you."
"Call me 'The Wise Man'."
"That's exactly what I was thinking"

The Sunflower. I have come to love sunflowers more and more. They truly represent and spark happiness.  
The street fair in Union Square was extremely tempting. Yes, I made a purchase, but not the one I really wanted. The sunflowers were $2 each. I envisioned them being damaged during my photo walk, so I had to part ways and not take them home with me. *tear*

A Natural Sunset Awaits Your Presence. Embrace It.

My Photo Walk Accompanied by JReid.

A View Of One of The Most Significant Tragedies From a Different Perspective.

 In Case of Emergency. 

Could We Ever Forget?

Initially, I was being a creep and snapping photos of "Chris". As I began to walk by him, the music flowing from his fingertips onto the guitar began to serenade me. I couldn't help but stop and listen (and record). Music that touches the mind and soul!

Do you have any favorite areas that you like to explore? I'd like to know ! Until The Next Walk,

With Love.

Saphia Louise