Because It's Far, Far Away

Where Did It Go?

I wrote a post a few days ago and I thought it was pretty decent. Maybe not my best, but you know, it was good. I was invited by Americas Best Racing to attend Belmont Park for an experience that I've never had before. My friend Janel, who is also a blogger, and myself had an awesome time there with our friends from ABR. Then, this happened.


To be honest, I almost wanted to cry. I experienced something that most bloggers/writers/journalists/Artist will experience at least once in their life: the loss of your baby, your work, your writing--just completely vanishing from the face of the eart---internet. I was already facing spiritual warfare and that was just an additional issue that I did not want. A breath of discouragement. I took way to my handy-dandy snapchat and vented to the kind folks who tend to listen to me. What I didn't expect was such encouragement from people. Things like :

"Your post is gonna come out 10x better with a different type of energy. I created beats before and lost them. Lost like a month worth, and just came back stronger. YOU GOT THIS!!!!"


"Chin up! I think it's definitely something in the air or the stars bc I've had problems this week too. Maybe the aliens are mad at us for disrupting the feng shui in space when we found the water on Mars?"

I was astounded like, kind people exist out there in the world?! Okay-I'm being dramatic. It really did encourage me during that moment of losing my work to want to write another one. I admit, I am extremely stubborn, so I had to give the blog-world a lesson not to mess with me. In other words, I had to regain my composure and re-write the post when my heart said it's okay to do it. I began to think, maybe that wasn't the direction that God wants me to go in. So, we shall see after this post.

What I did learn in the meantime was to treasure my gift from God which is the ability to write. With that being said, I need to make it a habit of saving all of my posts on my hard-drive so that I will always have them. It's funny because in my journalism class, we've discussed this at least 5 times.
"I hate it had to happen to you"-Drake voice.

Take note people.. Take note.

Saphia Louise