Brooklyn Fashion Week: Designer Spotlight

When it comes to fashion,,,
The purpose is to have different levels that bring attention and admiration, leaving everyone witnessing in awe. 
Amparo3 is a line created by Iliana Quander that strays far away the boundaries of what is considered to be labeled as normal. 

During Fashion Week Brooklyn, designer Iliana Quander showcased her line at the Livestream Public event on October 22, 2015. 

“I was looking at painterly strokes and floral prints in addition to my usual themes” said Quander as she tells what inspired her for this showcase.

With her one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s guaranteed to be a rare chance that you’ll have to worry who might be wearing the same outfit as you. Quander’s line that is meant for everyone—women, men and children, uses certain fabrics like silks, meshes, jersey, sequins and transparent fabrics. 

From large ruffles to layers of different patterns and textures, this line accentuates your individuality—it’s very innovative, experimental and it works. 

Quander was born in the Bronx, NY and although she was raised in Washington,DC for some time, and went to school in Georgia, she found herself migrating back to the fashion state New York. She has been creating and designing ever since she was a little girl and took her talents into the professional world fifteen years ago. 

Amparo3 is a line that screams I am phenomenal, different and confident.

Event: Fashion Week Brooklyn, New York City
Designer: AMPARO3 by Iliana Quander (DR)
Photography by S.N. Advertising -

Saphia Louise