Tuesday Eats: I want some chicken! | Gotham West Market

LET'S DIGESTDiscovering new restaurants in all neighborhoods of New York ( and elsewhere) is such an exciting thing to do. Whether it becomes a favorite because of the food, the appearance, the atmosphere, the people, or even all of the above.

My goal is to visit as many restaurants as I can all over New York, and tell you why you should eat there ! Check out my Let's Digest section for more of my favorite spots! 
My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this gem of a spot while we were looking for a midday snack before heading to an Art event. 

With this cold weather marking it’s territory deep beyond the surface of our skin, bone-chilling weather, it’s safe to say that wanting to stay home, under a warm blanket with a cup of green tea, would be the most ideal choice to make this winter.

However, the show must go on. In other words, we must eat!
This past Sunday, October 3rd, I dropped in on what felt like a mature, adult cafeteria—with more options than the square pizza or extremely soggy cheeseburger that was served to us in public school. 
It’s the Gotham West Market food court. Depending which street you're coming from, there are bicycles for sale inside a shop that almost appears to be inside of the actual market.[There’s actually a store within the same building, but the “glass walls” gives the illusion that it’s one in the same] 


Once you walk inside of the Gotham West Market from the main entrance, you are welcomed by  a large billboard with large tempting words and then a signpost directing you to the area of your choice. I loved this part! At first, I didn’t know what to expect. Was this a restaurant? Was it a cafeteria? Was this just a hang out spot? Each spot had their own touch. Whether it was wooden bench seats, a bar seating area or colorful round chairs. This place is pretty much everything that you want it to be, with a communal bathroom! Also, it is very diverse environment. From young to old, different cultures of people--this is defintely expected in New York!


From ice cream to chicken, from burgers to soup—to oysters that I so regret not having. I admit, it was a little overwhelming because I tried so hard to keep reminding myself that this was not an international buffet and I couldn’t eat the food from each vendor. So, myself and friends decided on : Genuine.


Immediately I was in love because of the large radio with a cassette player that was pinned against the wall in the back towards the condiments. 

They had a menu that consisted of: Chicken, Burgers, Seafood, Salad and tacos and even a special menu for the Vegetarians—all in ONE place! 
I ordered the Spiced Chicken Sandwich that was topped with lettuce, tomato and house made ranch on a butter toasted potato roll—ran me roughly $9. [not bad for a New York city price] The homemade ranch sauce had a green shade to it—and though I couldn't get the recipe for my own personal use- it was super tangy with a perfect touch of spice from the chicken. 

Now, the chicken! Oh My Goodness of Chicken Heaven! I mentioned that I ordered the chicken sandwich. Eventually, I found myself taking the bread away and eating just the chicken and lettuce. The thickness, the juicy texture. It was so good. But, I must put much extra attention to the thickness! I don’t know the last time I’ve had such a tender and thick piece of chicken that I couldn't even finish it all in one sitting. It was well worth the buck!

My friends also had food from Genuine. A double cheeseburger, fries and a shrimp taco—that looked so delicious.

Check out Gotham West Market on 600 11th Avenue, NY and tell them I sent ya! (You don't really have to tell them that.)

Saphia Louise