You're invited ...

"I don't know you, but you can come to my party!"

I know that we all have that one friend who always talks about an amazing event that they're going to and as they begin to brag about how awesome it's going to be, you suddenly wonder, "Hey! Why wasn't I invited?"

Or, how about the time when you were invited somewhere and you just knew it could possibly be a life changing event--but, instead you changed your mind about it and said, "blah. I'm not going anymore."

As I was sitting in the cafeteria surrounded by the noise of college students on campus, attempting to read my book, an idea occurred to me.

Every single day you and I receive an invitation and we have the choice to either decline or accept. You can just think of it like this. God sends us an invitation every day to live the best life and sadly enough, we sometimes... don't show up! However, He still sends out that invitation every day-waiting and waiting for you to accept.

We all have a purpose. 

There was a plan that has already been written. The thing is, God knows our heart. He created us. He isn't going to impose and tell you that you HAVE to come to the party. It's your life, your choice. It's just that, He desires your attendance and knows that it will be the best invitation that you've ever said yes to.

This invitation that I am talking about isn't just saying yes to God. It's about saying yes to your life. It's about choosing the best for yourself and doing the best.

Saphia Louise